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Feb 13, 2013 5:00pm EST
america by investing in new sources of energy and new infrastructure and the next generation of high wage hi-tech american manufacturing. i believe in manufacturing. >> this is the first in a three- day road trip for president obama, but republicans criticize the trip saying if president were serious about turning his plans into law, he would have stayed here in washington to work with congress. >>> one of the president's biggest new policy proposals comes with a lefty price tag, universal pre-- a hefty price tag, universal preschool that could cost over $200 billion the first 10 years but substantially less later on. bruce leshan joins us now. the president thinks the benefit is way bigger than the cost. >> that's right. you and me and millions of other parents have struggled to find really good high quality preschool for our kids and to pay for it, of course, just like kindergarten and grade school. the president says this is something state, local and federal governments ought to provide for all of america's children. >> you're not the king. >> reporter: high quality preschool like at
Feb 11, 2013 5:00pm EST
at least consider picking the next pontiff, looking for a guy who has the youth and the energy to travel the globe to reach out to the world's 1.2, nearly 1.2 billion catholics. he said there's a great value in experience and that, he says, of course comes with age. anita. >> there's a lot to be said for both. bruce leshan, thank you. news of pope benedict's res education in res resignation. the pope's visit left a lasting mark on the campus. >> he was himself, a university professor and that is something that means a lot to us. >> it filled me with sadness because pope benedict has been such an inspirational leader for the church. such a great mind. >> catholics were asked to pray for pope benedict during this week's mass. >> pope benedict became the leader of the roman catholic church. and he was elected by the college of cardinals april 19, 2005, he served for nearly eight years before announcing that resignation today and he'll officially step down february 28. and then the paper conclave gets together to choose his successor and that begins march 1. the selection process coul
Feb 12, 2013 5:00pm EST
, infrastructure. he'll focus on education reform and energy. the most controversial topic is likely to be gun control, where there will be plenty of guests from both sides of the issue in the house galleries and pointed out by the president as the speech goes on. that would be the political theater, i mentioned a few sentences ago. let's go to tara for the rest of our preview. >> president obama wasn't offering a preview of a state of the union address to reporters this afternoon. >> white house aides say improving the economy and creating jobs will be front and center when the president speaks to congress and the country. >> as he outlays his plan tonight, everyone will see if we work together, we really will have a robust future. we can build our middle class. >> republicans want to hear president oh obama's plans. the growth of government. >> the second term offers a second chance. and if the president wants to regain the credibility he lost over the last four years on each of these issues, he'll start tonight. >> it's up to florida senator, marco rubio, to deliver the official republi
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3